Medela Freestyle Flex

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Freestyle Flex (101037976), doppelseitiges Abpumpen
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Medela Freestyle Flex
Medela Freestyle Flex
  • Produktlänge (in cm): 148
  • Füllmenge (in ml): 150
  • Produktbreite (in cm): 66
  • Produkthöhe (in cm): 46,5
  • Produktgewicht (in kg): 0,3
  • Stromquelle: USB
  • Funktechnik: per App
  • Schwenkbar: Ja
  • LCD-Anzeige: Ja
  • Anzeige beleuchtet: Ja
  • Pflegehinweise: Spülmaschinenfest, Handwäsche, Mit feuchtem Tuch abwischbar
  • Extras: Elektrisch, BPA-frei

Medela elektrische Milchpumpe, Freestyle Flex (101037976), doppelseitiges Abpumpen

Die elektrische Doppelmilchpumpe Freestyle Flex vereint alle forschungsbasierten Vorteile der Medela Milchpumpen in einem leichten, kompakten Format. Damit du immer und überall ganz unkompliziert abpumpen kannst, verfügt sie über einen USB-ladefähigen Akku für bis zu acht mobile Abpumpsessions. Inkl. innovativen PersonalFit Flex Brusthauben für besonders bequemes Abpumpen und besseren Milchfluss, intuitivem, beleuchtetem Touchdisplay, Überlaufschutz und praktischer Trackingmöglichkeit über die kostenlose MyMedela App.

  • Leicht & kompakt: Abpumpen überall und jederzeit – es war noch nie so einfach!
  • Flexibel: Der eingebaute Akku kann einfach per USB geladen werden, für bis zu acht Abpumpsitzungen
  • Schnell & effizient: 18% mehr Milch in der Hälfte der Zeit dank doppelseitigem Abpumpen
  • Bequem: Besserer Sitz und Milchfluss dank innovativer, ovaler PersonalFit Flex Brusthauben
  • Smart: Mit praktischer Trackingfunktion durch Verbindungsmöglichkeit zur MyMedela App, intuitivem Touchdisplay und Startverzögerungsfunktion

  • Sie passt mit nicht mal 300 g Gewicht und ihrer kleinen Größe problemlos in deine Handtasche, dabei schafft eine Akkuladung mühelos acht Abpumpsessions. Die Steuerung funktioniert per intuitivem Touchdisplay, die extraweiten, ovalen PersonalFit Flex Brusthauben sorgen dabei für einen besonders bequemen Sitz und besseren Milchfluss. Der Überlaufschutz verhindert, dass während des Abpumpens Milch in den Motor laufen kann, damit du immer in deiner Lieblingsposition abpumpen kannst.

    Auch sonst macht die Freestyle Flex es dir leicht, Abpumpen in deinen Alltag mit Baby zu integrieren: Durch die Möglichkeit des beidseitigen Abpumpens mit der bewährten 2-Phase-Expression Technologie, die ganz angenehm das natürlich Saugverhalten deines Babys imitiert, bist du doppelt schnell fertig und gewinnst außerdem bis zu 18% mehr Milch. Und um deine Abpumperfolge übersichtlich zu tracken, kannst du die Freestyle Flex ganz einfach mit der kostenlosen MyMedela App verbinden. Weitere smarte Extras sind die Startverzögerungs- und Pausenfunktion, sowie ein umfangreiches Zubehörpaket inklusive Trage- und Kühltasche, für den hygienischen, sicheren Transport deiner Muttermilch. So bist du mit der Freestyle Flex maximal flexibel unterwegs. Für deine Stillzeit, so individuell wie du!

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    Best thing I have ever bought

    If you’re choosing to breast pump then this is the pump you’ll need. I have been using the medela symphony for the last 5 weeks and this has made me feel restricted to being at home for the electric source. I was so scared to switch to another as I was used to a hospital grade pump. But the flex is just as good! It comes with loads of accessories, well thought out product. With an app function to keep on track of pumping sessions. This has allowed me so much freedom again and given me a positive outlook on expressing milk for my baby. It’s a tough thing to breastfeed/express. You got this momma!
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    vor 4 Monaten

    Amazing pump

    I am full time expresing mum. The freestyle breast pump is same powerfull like medela hospital grade symphonie breast pump. I was very strugled with expressing the milk but pump made amazing a job.
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    vor 5 Monaten

    The best pump there is!

    I read so many reviews before settling on this one. The pump is easy to use (especially with the bra). It comes with a great bag for carrying all the bits around and it’s very comfortable to wear and no leaks.
    Medela Ursprünglich erschienen auf Medela
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    vor 6 Monaten

    Great pump but the motor unit just lasted 2 months

    I brought this pump two months ago and I completely loved it. The only drawback is the handsfree doesn't have a strap to attach to your jeans and also is a bit big to fit into pockets. It would have been nice to have a screen lock feature as buttons get pressed by mistake. My biggest disappointment however was that the motor unit stopped charging and kept heating up when I tried to charge within 2 months of buying. This means I have to buy another one which doesn't seem great considering this is a high end pump.
    Medela Ursprünglich erschienen auf Medela
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    vor 7 Monaten

    Love It!

    I absolutely love this pump. I like that it comes with different size flanges and that you can buy spare parts when they need replacing (which they do - I exclusively pump for my baby so this is something that I have to do regularly). I now produce so much more milk, due to the double pumps. It’s great.
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    vor 7 Monaten


    The medela pump is a really good and powerful pump, its easy to clean, although when you get it at first you feel overwhelmed by all the different components but once you get the hang of it, it becomes quite nippy.. I did find that it used to leak when I bent over which caused quite a few tears over spilled milk in the start. Obviously you need to get the bra with it. It comes with 2 size nipple suctions and a bag which I still use on my pram. I didnt end up using it for long. It definitely a product that you need to be dedicated to using. I found breastfeeding difficult as in the beginning my baby wouldn’t latch on properly so I bought this to help me give my baby breast milk however being a first time mum/ inexperienced I became complacent and gave up trying to breastfeed and tried to exclusively pump. As I wasn’t doing it properly I had to substitute with formula milk so my milk supply reduced. I also had exams to complete at giving birth so I didnt have the time to pump every 2 hours and clean and let everything dry and also look after a newborn. This is a product you need to be dedicated to. Maybe if you are on maternity leave and a stay at home mum it will work for you however it is much easier to try and use that time and dedication that you would have spent washing the machine and bottles etc trying to teach your baby to latch, maybe even buying a medela nipple shield will work just as well. Just my personal thoughts, I ended up exclusively bottle feeding. I stopped pumping it was too much effort. Your breasts become engorged so you have no choice but to pump to release your breasts from the milk but the OG pump aka the baby would be a much better option. I feel that if i didnt have to pump to rely on I would have made more effort to breastfeed but I didnt know any better.
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    vor 7 Monaten

    Good one but expensive

    Initially started with the hospital grade pump but after a couple of months switched to this portable one as there was an ongoing need to pump milk for my baby. It's quite good, didn't notice much difference compared to the hospital grade pump + it brings portable features. Liked the 30 minutes auto-stop feature if no user interaction. However, need to check that again as in the last couple of times it didn't stop automatically after 30 mins. Will cross-check that again as I am not sure whether there was any interaction within 30 mins. The switch on button label has started to come off within a month. The pumping is still good though. Good product but expensive.
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