Bloomingville Kinderteppich Thune

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Kinderteppich Thune, Nature (82051104)
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Bloomingville Kinderteppich Thune
Bloomingville Kinderteppich Thune
  • Durchmesser (in cm): 130
  • Material: 95% cotton, 5% otherMaterial
  • Pflegehinweise: Mit niedriger Temperatur bügeln, Maschinenwäsche 40° C, Trocknergeeignet

Bloomingville Kinderteppich Thune

The Thune Rug by Bloomingville MINI is a beautiful natural colored rug with the pattern of a farm and the beautiful life around it. The cotton material makes the rug durable and easy to clean, and the nature color blends well with most decors. The rug looks great in your living room or bedroom and can be used as a playmat for children's as well.

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