MAXI-COSI Kori Wippe

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MAXI-COSI Kori Wippe
MAXI-COSI Kori Wippe
  • Produktbreite (in cm): 36
  • Produkthöhe (in cm): 46
  • Produkt geeignet bis (in kg): 0-9
  • Produktgewicht (in kg): 2,32
  • Geeignet ab: Geburt
  • Produktlänge (in cm): 23

MAXI-COSI Kori Wippe

Wipp, wipp – Hurra!

(für Babys bis ca. 9kg)

Triff die 2-in-1 Babywippe Kori - der beste Sessel im Haus.
Brauchen Dein Baby und Du mal eine Pause und einen kleinen Tapetenwechsel?
Dann ist die neue 2-in-1 Maxi-Cosi Babywippe genau das Richtige für Euch.

Kori ist minimalistisch im Design, ein Leichtgewicht & echter Supporter. Er ist sehr schnell von der beweglichen Wippe zum festen Sitz umstellbar und kann bei 30 Grad gewaschen werden. Was auch immer Du im Haus gerade zu tun hast: Dein Baby ist in der Babywippe bestens aufgehoben!

Ab den ersten Tagen nach der Geburt bis Monate später kann sich Dein Baby bequem im Kori zurücklehnen oder sich fröhlich wippen. Das kuschelige Neugeborenen-Inlay aus hochwertigen, weichen Materialien bietet Deinem Baby maximalen Komfort und die notwendige Unterstützung -und ist damit der beste Sitz im Haus.

Die Kori ist mit nur einer Hand in drei verschiedene Positionen verstellbar, ist leicht zu reinigen und ein Leichtgewicht. Das kompakte Design der Maxi-Cosi Kori Babywippe ermöglicht ein einfaches und platzsparendes Verstauen unter dem Bett oder hinter der Couch. Mit dem modernen Design möchtest Du das aber möglicherweise gar nicht.

Egal wo Du Dich im Haus befindest, Du kannst Dein Baby immer bequem an Deiner Seite wippen lassen. So könnt ihr beide eine entspannte Zeit genießen.


• 2-in-1-Wippe
• Easy-in Gurtsystem (3-Punkt-Gurt)
• Weiche und unterstützende Einlage für Neugeborene
• Rückenlehne einhändig verstellbar (3 Positionen)
• Reißverschluss-Sitzbezug ist waschmaschinentauglich
• Ultraleichter Rahmen lässt sich flach zusammenfalten


Gewicht: 2,32 kg

Höhe maximal: 46 cm
Breite maximal: 36 cm
Länge: 23 cm

3,20 kg
46 x 13 x 76 cm (LxBxH)

10,85 kg
47,5 x 41,5 x 78 cm (LxBxH)

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vor einem Monat

Amazing quality

I purchased rocker this 3 weeks ago for my grandson, it's very lightweight, comfortable & folds away easily. My grandson loves it & I would definitely recommend it to friends and family
dorel.eu Ursprünglich erschienen auf dorel.eu
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vor 2 Monaten

Looks stylish

I have been trying this for a couple of weeks now with my 6 month old and he loves it. Easy to put up and down, great that it has 3 reclining positions and can also use as a rocker or it can be made to be still
dorel.eu Ursprünglich erschienen auf dorel.eu
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vor 2 Monaten

Great design but still lacking

We were given this seat as a gift, first let me say the quality and design are excellent. It looks very modern and the internal lining is soft and cushioned making you feel more safe when baby's sitting in. The fold flat is great for storage or when older ones want to play and baby isn’t using. The leg separator is fairly chunky which looks a little uncomfortable for baby but provides good support. Cons; while the product is great for newborns there is nothing to stimulate baby as they get older which for an item of this cost is a let down. Also every time its picked up to move it goes to maximum incline
dorel.eu Ursprünglich erschienen auf dorel.eu
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vor 2 Monaten

Lovely rocker

Really lovely rocker, my daughter loves falling to sleep in it, the material is very comfortable and, it’s really easy to recline with one hand.
dorel.eu Ursprünglich erschienen auf dorel.eu
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vor 2 Monaten


I have had this bouncer for nearly 2 weeks. My little one is 4 months and I have no idea how I have survived without it. It is fantastic for weaning as he can still sit up comfortably watching everything as his not big enough for the highchair at the moment. Weaning is a messy job but the bouncer is so easy to clean and that I can take it apart with a zip to put it in the washer is even better. I love putting him in this to have a nap as it reclines which is easy with 1 button. The only issue I have with this bouncer is that I dont find it that easy to lie flat when not in use. It took me a few goes to get used to it as the instructions show you what to do but no words just pictures which I dont think it explains it properly
dorel.eu Ursprünglich erschienen auf dorel.eu
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vor 3 Monaten

Sturdy yet lightweight!

I've had this chair for a little over a week now and I believe it to be 9/10 easily! I love that it's lightweight to move around the house, I love that it has X3 different recline positions, I love the sleek design and I love that it can be used as a static chair or a rocker with the easy clip down feet. The chair comes equipped with a standard 3 point waist harness as seen in the pictures but this is very comfy for baby and extremely secure, my little girl likes to shove off with her feet and she hasn't once even come close to slipping in this. The unit came pre assembled which was an absolute godsend as I don't have the time to faff with a 5 month old baby to contend with. Literally, all that needed to be done was raise it from the flat storage position and we were in business! The chair states that it's to 9kg and if you are like me then you weigh babies in pounds, my 5 month old little girl is slightly over 7kg which works out to 16 pound plus some oz. This should give you more of an insight as to how long the chair will last. I put her in it as soon as we got it and she loved it, she likes to chill in it, play in it, drink her bottle in it, have her first tastes in it and have the occasion nap in it. Very versatile!!! Overall, I do love this chair as it's so simple to recline to babies need and/activity, my one downfall I would say is that you can't one handedly raise this from the lay flat storage position to a seated position, if you baby is like mine and permanently attached to your hip then you will have to place them down to 'pop' the chair up but once it's up you can one handedly recline and raise them without hesitation. Definitely recommend!!
dorel.eu Ursprünglich erschienen auf dorel.eu
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vor 3 Monaten

Very good

Our baby was 6 months old when we got this chair, he took to it right away. He enjoys small naps in it or sitting up with a book in his hand. The recliner feature is very easy to use when he has went for a nap is more comfortable when lowering. Looks great and materials feel good quality. Wish we had gotten it sooner.
dorel.eu Ursprünglich erschienen auf dorel.eu
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