Intimina Lily Cup Menstruationstasse

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Intimina Lily Cup Menstruationstasse
Intimina Lily Cup Menstruationstasse

Intimina Lily Menstruationstasse

So dünn wie ein Tampon, nur besser.

Lily Cup setzt neue Maßstäbe! Die abgeschrägte Form der Tasse passt sich perfekt Deiner Anatomie an. Lily Cup ist die einzige Menstruationstasse, die sich so dünn wie ein Tampon zusammenrollen lässt. Für Benutzerinnen mit einem höher liegenden Gebärmutterhals oder stärkeren Blutungen bietet die Tasse die gesamte Menstruationszeit über kompromisslosen Komfort. Das unglaublich geschmeidige Design und der abgeschrägte Rand erlauben es Dir, diese Menstruationstasse sorgenfrei für bis zu 12 Stunden zu tragen.

Wir lieben alle Formen und Größen

Größe A

Falls Du noch nicht oder mittels Kaiserschnitt entbunden hast, ist diese Größe ideal für Dich. Perfekt für Frauen mit mittlerer Blutung.

Größe B

Diese Größe empfiehlt sich für Frauen, die bereits entbunden oder einen schwächeren Beckenboden haben. Perfekt für Frauen mit schwererer Blutung.

Mehr Freiheit für Dich

  • 100 % medizinisches Silikon
  • Perfekt für Benutzerinnen mit einem höher liegenden Gebärmutterhals/p>
  • Für leichte bis starke Blutungen
  • Gesund und sicher: keine Gerüche, Trockenheit oder Irritationen
  • Überlaufsicherer Rand und Stiel zum einfachen Entfernen
  • Bis zu 12 Stunden stressfreier Schutz
  • Erhältlich in zwei verschiedenen Größen: A und B
  • Wiederverwendbare und umweltfreundliche Periodenlösung
  • Dein How-to-Use Guide:


    Glätte die Öffnung, während der höhere Rand von Dir weg zeigt. Roll Deine Tasse dann eng nach oben zusammen.


    Richte Deine Menstruationstasse wie bei einem Tampon zunächst in Richtung des Steißbeins aus und dann setze sie nach oben ein, bis sich der Entnahmestiel im Inneren befindet. Der höhere Rand der Tasse sollte in Richtung Deines Rückens zeigen.


    Fahre mit Ihrem Finger den Rand der Tasse ab, um sicherzustellen, dass sie ganz geöffnet ist. In diesem Fall kannst Du sie nun für bis zu 12 Stunden tragen!


    Drücke die Tasse vorsichtig nach unten und greife den Stiel, um ihn langsam herauszuziehen. Sobald Du den Bauch der Tasse spüren kannst, drücke diesen zusammen, um die Versiegelung zu lösen. Et voila!

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    vor 10 Tagen

    So happy with it!

    I was struggling with a different brand's rim causing pain when removing, but didn't want to give up on the concept of the menstrual cup. This one is sooo much easier to use. It can be folded into the same size as a tampon and inserted the same way too. The completely smooth exterior means nothing to catch or pull painfully. The inside rim keeps the mess from overflowing out the top. I also really appreciate how this can last me 6 hours, when I used to change a super tampon every hour and a half. This makes such a difference at work or when traveling especially. I do recommend this product, it only cost me 1 month's worth of tampon/pads and will last quite a while I think. Ursprünglich erschienen auf
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    vor einem Monat

    Really like.

    This is the first and only cup I have used and I do love it. It made my period so much easier. It was a little tricky to put in the first time but got easier. I bleed quite heavily, so ended up having to change it every two hours or so because it was full and would start to leak. I don’t know if it is possible that is just the cup, but my period only lasted three days while using it when it usually lasts 6 or more. Ursprünglich erschienen auf
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    vor einem Monat

    good, but long

    This menstrual cup is super soft, but it is so big. i can feel the stem all of the time. i also find that it slides out over time, and it gets extremely uncomfortable. but i think if my cervix was higher, i wouldn’t have either of these problems. if you have a high cervix, this is for you. otherwise, i would stay away. Ursprünglich erschienen auf
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    vor einem Monat


    I recently purchased one to replace another brand, and I am very happy with my decision. This cup works great for me. No leaks, easy to use and so far, so good with keeping it in most of the day! Ursprünglich erschienen auf
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    vor einem Monat

    La cup ne s'ouvre pas toujours :'(

    J'ai un périnée très tonique. J'ai déjà essayé un tas de cup. Si je suis les conseils d'insertion, la cup ne s'ouvre pas toujours et donc le flux coule sur le côté :-/ J'essaye pourtant avec le doigt de l'ouvrir... Auriez-vous une astuce ? Ursprünglich erschienen auf
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    vor 2 Monaten

    Life Changing

    TLDR: Everyone is different but if you have endometriosis, severe periods, or large clots I think its worth a shot to try the Lily cup! A few notes: I have endometriosis with severe cramps (I have to use a TENS unit, heating pad, and take heavy doses of anti-inflammatories in order to get out of the fetal position) and can barely tolerate wearing tampons on the worst days of my cycle (they generally make my cramps worse and don't absorb large clots). I also have a high cervix and a "sensitive" bladder. I've never been pregnant. This cup is very soft and smooth (unlike other bell-shaped cups I tried that had ribbed edges) and doesn't have an painful/irritating "lip". The Lily cup is the only cup that does not irritate my bladder and I have tried other cups that were specifically meant for those with bladder sensitivity (they put so much pressure on my bladder that I felt like I constantly needed to pee but when I tried I wasn't able to go).The Lily cup is so much easier to insert than other cups and once its in is almost always perfectly leak free (any of the leaks are most likely my fault--when I have terrible cramps I cant tolerate sticking my finger up to make sure the seal has formed but I am sure I'll get better with more practice). It's pliable but still opens easily once its inside. The best part about cups in general for those with "heavy" bleeding or clotting is that they capture clots (even palm-sized ones) that tampons are unable to absorb. Overall, the Lily has a great capacity, is so much more comfortable than other cups, and is not irritating like tampons during removal or insertion! I'd say its worth it for first-time cup users AND those with severe period pain:) Ursprünglich erschienen auf
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    vor 2 Monaten

    Comfortable, simple and well worth the $

    So, I was really nervous to buy this product. It is more expensive than other brands and I had a poor experience when trying out another brand. However, Lily Cup is AMAZING. About me: I am celibate and haven't been sexually active for many years. I was worried about the size due to the previous cup I used having very much so hurt when attempting to insert. Lily Cup is so simple to use and it does not hurt to insert. I felt like it was almost "idiot-proof" (which I needed) and I loved that about it. It was simple and straightforward. What I mean by this is that there was no problem with getting the cup to pop open and it was simple to use. I have not had any issues with leaking - I have a very heavy flow but use a size A due to the fact that dimensions were better suited for my needs ( going off the dimensions of the previous cup I had tried, Lily Cup Size A was better suited for my needs. I needed something that was longer due to having a high cervix and smaller in width as the pain from insertion with OTHER brands was horrendous.) I will go on to say that the cup has been filled past its maximum capacity and it DID NOT leak. When I removed it, "extra" came out but I did not leak into my underwear. That was a win. On the matter of removing, it is very easy. I did not have issues with reaching the stem or anything. Furthermore, even on my light days, the removal was the same. The cup could be totally full or just have a drop of blood in it - the removal was the same (which as most of us menstruators know, with tampons that's one of the reasons you have to match size to flow. You can avoid all that with LilyCup). If you have apprehensions about spending the money, don't. I was about to write off the entire concept of cups due to an experience that was unlike the Lily Cup experience. If I had just started by purchasing Lily Cup I would have avoided the unnecessary bad experience. GET IT! I highly doubt you will regret it. Ursprünglich erschienen auf
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