Thule Urban Glide Babywanne

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Thule Urban Glide Babywanne
Thule Urban Glide Babywanne
  • Produktlänge (in cm): 83
  • Produktbreite (in cm): 43
  • Produkthöhe (in cm): 31
  • Produktlänge gefaltet (in cm): 83
  • Produktbreite gefaltet (in cm): 43
  • Produkthöhe gefaltet (in cm): 14

Thule Urban Glide Bassinet

Das Thule Urban Glide Bassinet verwandelt Ihren Buggy in einen Kinderwagen. Für Säuglinge von 0–6 Monaten.


  • Einfaches Anbringen und Abnehmen durch Aus- und Einrasten
  • Flach zusammenklappbar für kompakte Aufbewahrung
  • Großzügiges Verdeck mit ausziehbarer Sonnenblende mit UV-Schutz (UPF 50+) sorgt dafür, dass Ihr Kind bei jedem Wetter eine angenehme Fahrt hat
  • Mesh-Überzug zum Schutz gegen Sonne, Wind und Insekten
  • Kompatibel mit Thule Urban Glide 2, Thule Urban Glide 2 Double und Thule Glide 2
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    vor einem Monat

    Wonderful addition

    We kept thinking whether to go for the infant car seat adapter (which we do not have ) or with this bassinet. After reading about how an infant shouldn't sit more than a couple hours in an infant car seat we decided to go with this bassinet because we do see long walks in our future. We were very worried about it. We have already gone on half a dozen walks with the baby and she loves being in the bassinet. The cushion is enough to keep her from sliding around on pretty rough terrain (no blanket just her in her diaper and clothing laying in the bassinet). The covers on the feet and the shade that folds down in front of the remaining opening (surprisingly not shown in their online photos) allows almost for near 100% sun coverage, which is fantastic for any time of the day. We were very concerned about how useful this would be but so far we have been very surprised. It has been a life save in going for long walks with the infant, trips to the farmer's market, without having her strapped to us or worrying about time spent in an infant car seat. The only recommendation I would suggest is for Thule to keep thinking about how to make the cushion better for cleaning. I think it is great for softness and keeping the kid from sliding, but it might get dirty quickly. Luckily it is only needed for 6 months. Maybe they can sell replacements?
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    vor 4 Monaten

    Waste of money

    I splurged on this bassinet attachment and was really looking forward to using with my little one. Very disappointed in overall design. The sunshade does not extend far enough to offer much protection for baby. Also, there is no way to strap baby in so if you live in a neighborhood with hills, the baby just slides all over the bassinet. It has no capability to adjust for sitting at an incline so baby can see out. I’m not sure what infant would be satisfied being pushed around completely laying down without being able to really look around right through to 6 months, so best case scenario maybe you get a months use out of it before baby starts wanting to look around more. Another gripe is airflow, the bassinet would be much better in cold weather climates, but I live in a tropical climate and don’t feel like this design allows for much airflow for the baby especially if you have to cover he bassinet to compensate for the sunshade not extending fully enough to protect baby. As a new mom, this is one of my most regrettable purchases
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    vor 6 Monaten

    Okay but for the handle bar

    Overall we are pleased however the foam handlebar now has a hole after less than 10 easy walks.
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