Thule Chariot Lite 2

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Thule Chariot Lite 2
Thule Chariot Lite 2
  • Produktlänge (in cm): 121
  • Produktbreite (in cm): 80
  • Produkthöhe (in cm): 112
  • Produktgewicht (in kg): 15,5
  • Produktlänge gefaltet (in cm): 87
  • Produktbreite gefaltet (in cm): 80
  • Produkthöhe gefaltet (in cm): 37,5

Thule Chariot Lite 2


• 4 Aktivitäten – bestens geeignet für alle vier Aktivitäten: Radfahren, Joggen, Spazierengehen und Skilanglauf
• Kompakt zusammenklappbar – so können Sie den Träger problemlos mitnehmen
• Das Thule VersaWing System – Ermöglicht schnelles und einfaches Umrüsten zwischen verschiedenen Aktivitäten unabhängig vom verwendeten Set.
• Federung – sorgt bei Eltern und Kind für eine angenehme Fahrt
• Rückleuchte für erhöhte Sichtbarkeit und Sicherheit im Lieferumfang enthalten
• Leicht verstellbare Lüftungsschlitze sorgen für einen optimalen Luftstrom und Klimatisierung, abnehmbare Klemmen sorgen für mehr Belüftung bei Verwendung eines Regenverdecks
• Thule Click n’ Store – bequemes Mitführen des Spazier-, Jogging- und Radfahr-Sets an Bord, wenn Sie zwischen verschiedenen Aktivitäten wechseln möchten

Im Lieferumfang enthalten:

Buggy-Kit, Bike-Kit, Raincover, Sunshade

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vor 4 Tagen


[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This multi-sport trailer truly is an engineering marvel. It's impressive to look at, and even more impressive once you start to use it and see how well designed it is. We will use this as a stroller, jogger, and bike trailer mostly, but I can imagine that any cross-country skiing enthusiast must have the Chariot Lite 2 - perfectly made for taking two of your little ones on a ski trip. This trailer truly is the best in its class. Pros: -Although it takes some effort, the trailer does fold down quite compactly, making it quite easy to transport in a trunk or back of an SUV. -Adjustable handlebar—this is a nicety that is often overlooked, and it's very much appreciated by my 6'5" husband. It easily adjusts up to his comfort level, yet also goes low enough for average height people. -The ride is very comfortable. It doesn't seem like my kids are being jostled around, and it feels smooth as I'm pushing/pulling it. -The rain cover and sunshade are nice to have to keep the little ones protected. -There is nice ventilation so I'm not worried that the kids are getting too hot in the summer. -The bike conversion kit is easy to use and works well with most bikes. It comes with a flag. -There are a plethora of accessories that you can get for your liking. Cons: -The sunshade is a little tricky to use. I found myself fumbling it a few times, it came unclipped, and it seems like it impedes the kids' view if placed in certain locations, but maybe that's unavoidable. -I wouldn't use this as a primary stroller, but it's perfect for those looking for a multi-use trailer. On rougher roads, it may not handle as well as some jogging strollers, but it does an adequate job. -That's it. I can't think of much else I would change about this awesome trailer.
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vor 8 Tagen

Perfect for twin mamas!

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] If you’re a twin mom like me, and you find yourself needing to go for a jog, sometimes a stroller can just get in the way. This, however, allows you to have your children with you without the inconvenience of having to push a gigantic stroller with you. I know there are other uses and ways to use this but this is just the way I’ve been using it.
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vor 17 Tagen


[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The Thule Chariot Lite 2 seater comes with an instruction book that is images only for assembly. It took me a bit to be able to identify exactly what I needed to do. It would be helpful to have written instructions as well as a diagram. The actual process of assembly was easy and had few steps. The easy on off of tires helps tremendously in hauling it in a vehicle. This is a massive stroller/trailer and it takes up a lot of space even with it flat. The construction is top notch and not your flimsy bike trailer this is the sturdiest trailer/stroller I have ever used. The stroller has multiple handle positions that allows for an easy adjustment for pushing. The harness buckles are easy to use to secure the child in the seat and plenty of leg room so it has tons of room for your child to grow. The Chariot is easy to switch from stroller to trailer with a quick transition. The wheels are awesome and a smooth ride was had by everyone.
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vor 26 Tagen

Hands down the best item for little ones

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I'm the dad of two boys, and we've gone through a few different kind of strollers. We've also used other kinds of bike pull-behinds. This hybrid stroller is hands-down the best device I've used for carting the kids around. Absolutely LOVE this thing. The wheels are smooth, and it feels like a million bucks. The price is definitely worth it.
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vor 30 Tagen

Very easy to use

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] So this was actually my very first experience with a bike trailer. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but can say I was very pleased with the experience. First and my biggest worry was that it was very easy to get use to. I was worried that it would really put a drag on the bike but it hardly did at all. My kids absolutely loved it and think that it was very fun to ride in. We did decide that we needed a little extra padding though so after the first use we are sure to take blankets to give that little extra.
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