Larktale Kombikinderwagen Coast

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Larktale Kombikinderwagen Coast
Larktale Kombikinderwagen Coast
  • Produktgewicht (in kg): 9,6
  • Produkt geeignet bis (in kg): 6
  • Maximales Ladegewicht (in kg): 30
  • Material Gestell: Aluminium
  • Anzahl Räder: Vierrädrig
  • Art der Bremse: Fußbremse
  • Blickrichtung: In Fahrtrichtung
  • Fußstütze: Mehrfach verstellbar
  • Rückenlehne: Mehrfach verstellbar

Larktale Kombikinderwagen Coast

Getreu dem Larktale-Stil ist der Coast so gestaltet, dass er zum Motto "Fit your world" passt. Unsere Strategie, anders und besser zu sein, funktioniert über den gesamten Entwurfs-, Entwicklungs- und Fertigungsprozess hinweg.

Von Eltern für Eltern entworfen, wusste das Team von Larktale genau, was der Coast bieten muss - ein modischer Multifunktions-Kinderwagen, der sich klein, schnell und einfach zusammenfalten lässt.

Das patentierte Compac3-Design lässt den leichten Aluminiumrahmen 3-fach auf sich selbst auflegen und erzielt so eine ultrakompakte gefaltene Standfläche. Entwickelt, um das Leben zu erleichtern, wird der Coast in Sekunden zusammengefalten und entfaltet. Mit gefalteten Abmessungen von B 600 x T 335 x H 665 und einem Gewicht von 9,6 kg wird es schwer zu glauben sein, dass der Coast eine so umfangreiche Liste von Funktionen anbietet.

  • Pflegehinweis/Waschanleitung : Handwäsche
  • von 6 bis 48 Monate
  • Maximale Gewicht des Kindes : 23,5
  • Lieferumfang:

  • Kinderwagen
  • Sicherheitsbügel
  • Snackbox
  • Getränkehalter
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    vor 2 Monaten

    My Unicorn Stroller

    You guys, this is our Unicorn stroller! It’s everything I’ve ever wanted! . Why do I love it? #1. It’s newborn compatible. Infact, there’s THREE ways to transport your infant. A) The near full recline seat with included infant head hugger and infant foot barrier. Car Seat Compatible & C) Carry Cot /Bassinet . #2. My almost 5 year old can ride in it if he needs to #3. It’s a FULL SIZE stroller that is so light weight that it resembles a travel stroller. . #4. Super small and easy fold #5. Large basket! Seriously large- The basket is roomy enough for almost any diaper bag, including JuJuBe, Fawn Design, Lilly Jade etc. #6. It’s husband approved! My husband is 6 foot two and has no problems pushing this or kicking the foot break! He loves the smooth steering and easy maneuverability #7. Large canopy with sun protection . #9. Upright seating position. The seat sits so upright that my six-month-old has no problem reaching the snack tray on the belly bar. #10. Belly bar and snack tray! These are absolutely amazing and I love that they swivel in the upright position so I never have to remove them, not even when I am folding the stroller up. The snack tray has two compartments both with tight closing lids so your kiddos snacks stay contained #11. Stylish! Seriously! With several different color options to choose from, you can select the color that you prefer and match it to your favorite stroller accessories! The sleek and smooth design, curves and finish on the frame is absolutely gorgeous. #12. My kids LOVE IT!
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    vor 2 Monaten

    The everything stroller

    This stroller is great! It has a super easy fold and unfold, and when it’s folded it is very compact. The main thing I love is that it comes with everything and you don’t have to buy a cup holder or a snack tray. It rides very smooth but is definitely not an all terrain stroller, it’s bumpy on uneven surfaces like gravel. The cupholder fits my 30oz yeti cup which is my favorite thing about it!!! The only thing I would change is the snack tray, the lids don’t come off and it doesn’t have a cupholder with it, I’m afraid my son is going to snap off the lids and break them. Other than that I love this stroller! Has the luxury feel and look but at half the price!
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    vor 2 Monaten

    What A Fantastic Stroller

    I purchased this stroller for my grandson. And I must say WE LOVE IT! Its small, compact and a great deal . Worth every nickle.
    larktale.com Ursprünglich erschienen auf larktale.com
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    vor 3 Monaten

    Good choice

    I bought my stroller a month ago and I regretted not buying this before. It is a strong stroller but very smooth to ride. My almost 6 month old son love it and we will be using it for long. So far works great Only con may be that you need both hands to close the stroller.
    larktale.com Ursprünglich erschienen auf larktale.com
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    vor 4 Monaten

    Really great stroller from day 1

    We got the Coast Stroller without really looking into many other options but I am so glad we got it. It's just very well engineered and thought out. We got it about a week after our son was born and it was great for a new born and we just now have transitioned to it being more upright and removed the "cocoon." It is super easy to fold up and unfold once you know how to do it, and the material is easy to clean. Many great little features like the skyight with the magnetic cover, the cup holder, adjustable foot rest, etc I do wish it had some sort of integrated light or light add on but we found that one for a bike works just fine. Overall super happy with it.
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    vor 5 Monaten


    My mother bought this stroller for us about a month ago after two bad experiences with other brands. It is so easy to push (even with one hand). I am still getting the hang of collapsing it but it gets easier every time. Would definitely recommend and wish we had this from the beginning!
    larktale.com Ursprünglich erschienen auf larktale.com
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    vor 8 Monaten

    Amazing stroller intuitive Design

    I love my coast stroller. I have been shopping around for my perfect stroller for sometime. Fortunately, Larktale has created it. First off I had some specific requirements. I wanted safety, light weight but sturdy, collapsible for space saving, plenty storage, maneuverable, intuitive design and of course it had to be good looking. Thankfully Larktale knocked it out of the park with the Coast stroller. The Coast is everything I imagined, all in one amazingly thought out and awesomely designed stroller. This was very easy to assemble. I love plug and play and this was exactly that. Out of the box and ready to roll in minutes. I really wanted to have only 1 stroller for everything, and this is the one. The options with the Coast are endless. I really loved how I am able to put my new born directly into the fully reclined seat. Snuggled up with the safety net. I also purchased the carry cot. Which is the only one that folds in half genius for space saving. This made it great for when I wanted to just stare at my baby and have him at an arms reach while he sleeps on our walks. Which brings me to our first outdoor walk. Initially I was using the carry cot on the stroller in the house during those late nights where he would wake up every hour. I would push him around in the house he loved it. Even my Dad strolled him around during the holidays. The sweetest! The next week we finally got the courage to go on our first walk in the park. It was perfect. Baby was completely content comfortable and the Coast handled like a dream. I love this system. It was so easy to get in and out of the car. This begin many more adventures because of how easy and seamless the transition from car to stroller is. We had a lovely New years. My wife and I and our baby boy made it to the beach for an epic sunset. Thank you Larktale for being a conscious company that is mindful, genius, great and helping us make the best memories of our lives.
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