Intimina Lily Cup One Menstruationstasse

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Intimina Lily Cup One Menstruationstasse
Intimina Lily Cup One Menstruationstasse

Intimina Lily Cup One Menstruationstasse

Die richtige Wahl für Einsteigerinnen

Du bist inmitten der Periodenrevolution und Lily Cup One führt das Feld eindeutig an! Diese wiederverwendbare, weiche und unglaublich bequeme Menstruationstasse wird aus sicherem, medizinischem Silikon hergestellt. Sie eignet sich besonders für Einsteigerinnen.

Die beste Freundin für Einsteigerinnen

Lily Cup One ist hier, um erstmaligen Benutzerinnen von Menstruationstassen den Einstieg zu erleichtern. Sie ist bequem und dank ihres diskreten Etuis unauffällig. Der extrastarke Rand sorgt dafür, dass die Lily Cup One leicht geöffnet und verschlossen werden kann. Die Entnahmeschlaufe gibt Dir beim Entfernen der Tasse ein Gefühl der absoluten Sicherheit. Wir haben an alles gedacht.

Klein. Bequem. Kompakt.

  • 100 % medizinisches Silikon
  • Bis zu 12 Stunden stressfreier Schutz
  • Doppelrand und einfache Entnahmeschlaufe
  • Für leichte bis starke Blutungen
  • Gesund und sicher: keine Gerüche, Trockenheit oder Irritationen
  • Flach faltbar mit einem passenden, praktischen Etui
  • Wiederverwendbare und umweltfreundliche Periodenlösung
  • Ideal für erstmalige Nutzerinnen von Menstruationstassen
  • Dein How-to-Use Guide:


    Halte den Boden der Tasse, drücke die Öffnung zusammen und falte die Tasse zur Hälfte.


    Positioniere die Tasse in Richtung Deines Steißbeins und setz diese nach oben gerichtet ein, bis die Entnahmeschlaufe eingeführt ist.


    Drehe die Tasse nach links und rechts oder zieh sie etwas nach unten. Wenn die Tasse nicht verrutscht, sitzt sie auslaufsicher an der richtigen Position – Du bist startklar!


    Zum Entfernen greife die Entnahmeschlaufe und drücke die Basis leicht zusammen, um das Vakuum zu lösen. Ziehe die Entnahmeschlaufe vorsichtig nach unten und schon hast Du die Tasse entfernt!

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    vor 13 Tagen

    Better than others out there

    I got lily cup one. I like the smooth material. Other cups have this rough texture. The cup material is thinner too. Other cups are thick, hold marginally more that lily cup one. This is easier to insert. Wish lily cup one comes in a slightly larger size. It wld be perfect for heavier flow days. Ursprünglich erschienen auf
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    vor 20 Tagen


    hammer produkt nie wieder Tampons benutzen, bin echd froh so was gefunden zu haben bin wirklich 10/ von 10 begeistert würde es allen weiterempfehlen ! Ursprünglich erschienen auf
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    vor einem Monat

    Love it! Excellent for beginners

    I’m a first time cup user, and have only used tampons a few times before (also haven’t had penetrative sex before). I found the cup easy to insert (lube/water is extremely helpful), and after a few days I got the hang of getting the cup to fully open inside too (using a finger to push on the walls of your vagina near the rim of the cup helps it to open up). Breaking the seal and removing was also not bad as it’s quite a flexible cup (bearing down and also sorta folding the cup when taking out helped loads). I was starting to get so fed up of pads feeling like a mattress of blood, and found tampons so uncomfortable. This cup is life changing, I barely notice it’s inside me and that I’m on my period. Haven’t yet tried exercising in it though. In terms of capacity, it’s never overflowed and works great for me- I empty it out about 3 times a day on heavy days and 2 on lighter days. Still wear a reusable pad in case of leaks, but I haven’t really had leaks after getting the hang of getting the cup to open up. It’s a soft cup which has many advantages with getting used to the world of menstrual cups, but has its downside in terms of getting it to open up/not leak. That’s my only complaint, but love it otherwise. Ursprünglich erschienen auf
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    My New Best Friend

    I have been using this for a year now, and I love it. I must admit, getting used to it was definitely a learning curve... But by my 3rd cycle, i had developed a technique and it was heavenly. For the first 5 mins after I put it in, I feel a bit odd down there, but after that, you can forget all about it. Truly an amazing product! Ursprünglich erschienen auf
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    Great start, bad ending

    I bought this a year ago and have loved it but in the last 2 months it hasn't been opening up when inserted so it's leaking and just no longer doing the job. I'd like to know if this is an expected concern and what I can change to fix it. I clean it as directed, insert and test it as I always have an as instructed on the website, store it as instructed. Basically I've followed everything to the T. I really think it's an issue with my cup at this point. Ursprünglich erschienen auf
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    vor einem Monat

    Not so good !

    Got it few months ago and it's my first cup.Have to say it's not working for me as I would expect it.It leaked few times and now I am always concerned!It feels like the cup is too thick and maybe thinner would work better . Ursprünglich erschienen auf
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    Perfect for Beginners

    10/10 If you're a teenage girl attending a brick and mortar school, you need one of these! ~My Story~ I bought the Lily Cup about a year ago when studying for mid-semester finals! I was worried because my period fell on finals week (such luck right?), so I bought the cup so I could use it worry-free while I studied and took tests! Let me just say I haven't stopped using it since! A little TMI but when I bought the cup I was a virgin so a big worry of mine was it being too big that it would get stuck! The first time I used it my body did tense up a bit but as soon as I calmed down and took a breather, it came out with ease! After you use it a few times it becomes second nature too!! Also, it is cheerleader approved, no stings to worry about when doing kicks or jumps!~ Overall I would much rather prefer this over any tampon or pad! Reusable, healthier, and cheaper in the long run! Ursprünglich erschienen auf
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